Explosion protection

for the storage of alternative fuels

Constructional explosion protection based on self-reclosing, reusable explosion vents, certified according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU


Fossil fuels are increasingly being replaced by alternative fuels or biomass. A large number of these substitute fuels generate explosive atmospheres, so that appropriate protective measures are required for closed storage sites, e.g. silos.
Every type of container for the storage of explosive alternative fuels / biomass must be equipped with appropriate constructional explosion protection.

Constructional explosion protection in the alternative fuels industry includes:
1. Protection of storage silos through safe pressure relief (according to DIN EN 14491, NFPA 68) including the necessary implosion protection.

Advantages of a self-reclosing, reusable explosion door:
   No ingress of atmospheric oxygen
   No egress of inert gas for fire fighting
   High venting efficiency
   Trace heating to keep lid free of snow and ice (optional, for dust applications only)
   Certified for gas applications IIA

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