Explosion protection

for coal grinding

Constructional explosion protection based on self-reclosing, reusable explosion vents, certified according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

Milling, filtration and storage

In a wide variety of industries, e.g. in the cement and steel industry, an explosive dust atmosphere is created during the grinding of coal and similar products. This can lead to explosions and therefore requires the consideration of constructional explosion protection measures in the form of pressure relief devices.

Constructional explosion protection in coal grinding plants includes:
1. Protection of ducts for effective mitigation of flame front propagation.
2. Protection of dedusting filters through safe pressure relief (according to DIN EN 14491, NFPA 68).
3. Protection of storage silos through safe pressure relief (according to DIN EN 14491, NFPA 68) including the necessary implosion protection.
4. Explosion decoupling of interconnected enclosure systems

Advantages of a self-reclosing, reusable explosion door:
   No ingress of atmospheric oxygen
   No egress of inert gas for fire fighting
   High venting efficiency
   Trace heating to keep lid free from snow and ice (optional)
   No or only minimal downtime

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